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Large enterprises are constantly searching for ways to make their labor-intensive, tedious communication management business processes easier, faster and more efficient. Typically, these business processes impact IT applications and unified communication and contact center platforms which requires involvement from many teams within the enterprise.  A change in one system can trigger multiple transactions across many systems in order to implement the desired business results. When this process is performed manually, it is time consuming, error prone and an inefficient use of highly skilled resources.


Automating communication management workflows for multi-vendor unified communications and contact center platforms has become a strategic initiative for many enterprises. Through automation, these enterprises stand to achieve the most significant benefit by replacing manual communication management tasks with streamlined business processes that integrate with IT systems such as Active Directory, Identity Managers, IT Service Management systems and HR applications.


By implementing communication management workflow automation, enterprises realize substantial operational efficiencies, reductions of administrative overhead and lowered total cost of ownership of their communication platforms.


A few examples of manual communication management business challenges that can be streamlined through automation include:

  • On-boarding and off-boarding employees requires managing accounts and services on many disparate systems.
  • Contact center agent workflows typically require consolidation of data from various IT applications and multi-vendor communication systems.
  • Gathering and correlating data from multiple IT and communications systems.
  • Managing available resources for contact centers.
  • Maintaining telecom data using spreadsheets.


Benefits of automating communication management workflow include:

  • Increased Efficiencies – Streamlined on-boarding and off-boarding of employees including the ongoing management of communication resources.
  • Reduced Operational/Administration Costs – Resources are freed up to work on higher priority assignments where their training and skills are better applied. Manually performing activities has significantly higher costs on a per transaction basis versus deploying an automation solution.
  • Enhanced End User Productivity and Satisfaction – Real-time response/resolution for services requests; self-service capabilities; rapid deployment of new users accounts.
  • Improved Security – Immediate and accurate de-provisioning (or disabling) of communication resources.
  • Elimination of Human Error – Consistent execution of tasks and work orders alleviates the need for re-work.


Starfish Technology Platform Architecture

The Starfish technology platform enables automating communication management workflows for multi-vendor unified communications and contact center platforms.



Starfish IT and communication system connectors enable automatic configuration and management of communication elements for multi-vendor unified communication and contact center platforms including call recording solutions and other related applications.


Starfish Automation Solutions include…


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