Monitoring & Optimization

Starfish Monitoring and Optimization

Starfish Monitoring & Optimization enables proactive monitoring and optimization of telephony resources to improve business operations.




Communication systems in all organizations are configured and licensed to accommodate specific business needs. Visibility of the actual usage of telephony resources is critical for proactive management in order to identify and resolve problems before they become service impacting.

Key features include:


  • Maintains an inventory of telephony resources and tracks their actual usage and licenses.
  • Monitors, audits and logs communication system configuration changes.
  • Sends alerts to administrators (based on definable parameters) when changes are made to mission critical resources such as VDNs and Vectors.
  • Generates usage reports on demand or on a scheduled basis for phones, contact center agent IDs and voice mailboxes.
  • Consolidates and generates custom reports across multiple systems.


  • Displays dashboards showing telephony resource usage.
  • Identifies idle telephony resources (based on a definable period of time).
  • Generates idle resource reports and sends alerts to specific emails addresses.
  • Automatically reclaims idle telephony resources and makes them available for re-use.
  • Enables bulk provisioning for the creation of phones, contact center login IDs and voice mailboxes with pre-defined templates and ranges.
  • Enables bulk de-provisioning for intelligent removal of phones, contact center login IDs and voice mailboxes.


Starfish Monitoring & Optimization Solutions include…

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