Self Service

Starfish Self-ServiceEmpowers end users and delegated administrators to perform authorized changes to communication devices and applications.




It is becoming increasingly essential for large enterprises to streamline their communications operations wherever possible to reduce administrative overhead and increase efficiencies. Enterprise communications is one area that presents significant challenges for these organizations. High volume service requests and incidents which are typically low priority issues for telecom teams, impact day-to-day business for end users who have to wait, sometimes days, for straightforward issues to be resolved.


Empowering end users with self-service capabilities alleviates the need to create most service tickets and requests. Tedious and mundane tasks such as phone and voicemail password resets and change phone settings can all be handled by the end user, alleviating wait time and increasing productivity.


Self-service also frees up administrators, allowing them to spend more time on sensitive and critical communications projects while enhancing the performance and service to end users.


Starfish Self Service Solutions include…


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