Custom Solutions

As subject matter and technology experts with decades of experience working with large enterprises, Starfish can create custom applications to address any unique business communication challenge. Following are examples of custom solutions developed for our customers:


  • CMS Reporting Dashboard – A dashboard application that takes information from Avaya Communication Manager and CMS to periodically extract relevant contact center data, recalculate key performance indicators and refresh the dashboard display.
  • Aura Conferencing Manager – An application that dynamically manages resources on Avaya Aura Conferencing, effectively optimizing the use of user licenses. The solution provides a web based portal for users to reserve a conference bridge for specific dates. The bridge will be provisioned for that period of time and will then be re-provisioned, freeing up the resource to be used by others.
  • Music on Hold – A solution that addresses music quality, redundancy and scalability, including roles based authentication to create a common music on hold platform across an enterprise.
  • Vector Manager – A web application that enables authenticated, non-technical end users to control retail store open & close hours by automatically making changes to Avaya contact center vectors.
  • Time of Day – A self-service application that allows non-technical end users to easily change the time-of-day settings on Avaya Communication Manager.
  • Messaging User Option – An application that automatically configures mailbox user options to set follow-me and notify-me rules in bulk or in real-time during mailbox creation.


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