Directory Solution

Consolidate and Synchronize Directories and Databases

Accurate telecom data is an essential element for many enterprise applications. The challenge is to provide a reliable, up-to-date data store that collects information from authoritative sources and makes it available to users and applications.

Starfish Directory Solution consolidates and synchronizes information in real-time from multiple sources including:

  • Unified Communication Platforms: Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft
  • Voicemail Platforms: Avaya, Cisco, ESNA
  • Enterprise Directories: LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, eDirectory, Oracle Sun ONE
  • Enterprise HR Databases: Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP
  • Telecom Applications: VeraSMART eCAS, Nuance SpeechAttendant

 Starfish Directory Solution









Data from multiple sources is processed and stored in an LDAP directory representing up-to-date information about users and their corresponding telecom resources. Starfish Directory Solution synchronizes phone numbers in Active Directory, and extends data to applications such as call accounting and speech attendant solutions that leverage the data maintained by Starfish Directory Solution.


Starfish Directory Manager

Starfish Directory Manager is an intuitive user interface to search, display and manage the directory maintained by Starfish Directory Solution.

Starfish Directory Manager enables administrators to search by any field and modify directory entries when needed in order to complement the data managed by Starfish Directory Solution.  The user interface can be configured to display any field in the directory data store.

Starfish Directory Solution











Starfish Directory Manager is a Microsoft IIS based application and resides on the same server that hosts Starfish Directory Solution.  The directory data store is implemented using either Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) or Microsoft Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS).


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