Password Solution

Self-Service Voicemail Password Resets

Starfish Password Reset is a simple and intuitive self-service web based application for end users or help desk staff to reset telecom passwords. Using Starfish Password Reset, voice mailbox passwords and IP phone passwords can be easily updated.

Starfish Password Solution supports multi-vendor platforms including Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft.


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Starfish Password Reset is fully integrated with Active Directory for user authentication. It can also authenticate with the current telecom password or any other LDAP based directory service. Starfish Password Reset can also be configured to use custom password validation rules.


Synchronize Avaya Voicemail Passwords with Avaya IP Phone Security Codes

Managing passwords for Avaya Aura Messaging and Modular Messaging mailboxes, Avaya IP phones and Softphones is a time consuming administrative task. Typically, IP phones and Softphone passwords are left unmanaged; creating a security risk.

Starfish Password Sync automatically synchronizes Aura Messaging and Modular Messaging mailbox passwords with the security codes of the corresponding Communication Manager stations. This effectively auto-manages the phone security code without increasing administration burden or changing procedures required by end users.

When changes are made to a voice mailbox password either by users (using voicemail TUI) or administrators (using the voicemail admin tools), Starfish Password Sync is notified and automatically updates the corresponding Communication Manager station.

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