Resource Manager

Monitor and Optimize Usage of Telecom Resources

Starfish Resource Manager is a set of web based administration tools and services that enable telecom administrators to monitor the actual usage of agent login IDs and stations in an Avaya Call Center Elite environment.  An intuitive dashboard display along with automatically generated reports identifies resources that have not been used in the contact center for a configurable period of time.  Those resources are subject to a notification and reclaiming process which ensures optimal use of licensed resources.

Starfish Resource Manager also collects and displays real-time data for Avaya Communication Manager capacity measurements and configuration changes.  Alerts based on configurable criteria and custom reports are sent to telecom administrators to help proactively manage the overall telephony environment.


The solution includes the following modules:

  • CM Configuration
  • Agents
  • Stations


CM Configuration

The CM configuration module monitors, audits and alerts on various measurements in Avaya Communication Manager and generates custom reports. The CM Configuration module features include:


Capacity Alerts: Set warning and escalation thresholds that will trigger notifications when designated capacity measurements are reached.  The polling period is configurable and the scope of the measurements cover a wide array of licensed resources.

Capacity Alerts


CM Auditor: Maintain a detailed audit database of all move, add and change transactions for configured resource types.  Administrators choose which resources and fields to track along with configurable alerts.  An intuitive user interface provides an easy way to generate customized reports.

CM Auditor

CM Comparison: Compare Communication Manager customer options between two Communication Managers.

Registered IP Phones: Generate a list of currently registered IP phones sorted by region.

Configuration Report: Generate a Communication Manager configuration report sorted by board type.



The Agents module identifies and reclaims idle agent login IDs.  Specific thresholds are configurable for notification and removal of idle resources.  The Agent module features include:


Agent Dashboard: Dashboard view of agent login ID usage highlighting idle agents that consume licenses but are not in use. Licenses can be reclaimed by using the bulk de-provisioning tool.


Agent Usage Report:Generate agent login ID usage report highlighting idle agent login IDs that can be reclaimed.

Agent Usage

Bulk Provisioning: Provision agents in bulk and automatically updates CMS dictionary entries with agent names and login IDs.

Bulk De-provisioning: Remove agent login IDs in bulk and automatically update CMS dictionary entires and CMS groups.



The Stations module identifies and reclaims idle stations in a contact center environment.  The Station module features include:


Station Dashboard: Dashboard view of station usage highlighting stations that are not in use. Licenses can be reclaimed by using the bulk de-provisioning tool.

Station Dashboard

Station Usage Report:  Generate station usage report highlighting idle stations that can be reclaimed.

Station Usage

Bulk Provisioning: Provision stations in bulk.

Bulk De-provisioning: Remove stations in bulk and automatically remove them from Communication Manager configuration tables.


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