Avaya DevConnect Featured Partner, Starfish Associates Starfish Associates offers telecom solutions that streamline & optimize business processes

Bridgewater, NJ – June 13, 2014 – Starfish Associates is a leading provider of telecom management automation and self service solutions based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA. This week we talk with Rob Hankin, Partner, Starfish Associates about the business and the next big impact on the industry.

Question #1 – What is the primary focus of your business?

Our technology enables organizations to streamline and optimize business processes by integrating with and unifying existing IT and telecom infrastructure. Starfish technology supports multi-vendor platforms including Avaya, and our solutions are deployed globally across many Fortune 500 companies and other large enterprises.

Question #2 – Tell me something about the history of your company.

The partners at Starfish are IT and telecom industry veterans who share a passion for engineering and technology. The executive team has worked together for more than 20 years and launched Starfish to fill the growing need we saw for a new generation of telecom automation and self-service solutions. Today we employ a staff of seasoned professionals serving in various engineering, technology and sales capacities.


Question #3 – What fundamental shifts do you see coming in the communications industry?

The communications industry is changing almost daily, impacting the way everyone does business. In his recent keynote at IAUG, I heard Kevin Kennedy mention that work is no longer where you go, it’s what you do. Today people can be connected to work all the time and from virtually anywhere. I believe that the industry will continue to move in this direction and businesses will need to find ways to adapt.


Question #4 – What technologies do you think will have the biggest impact in the next 5 or 10 years?

Our industry is exciting and evolving and I wish I had a technology crystal ball. I think the current trends of cloud-based solutions, corporate mobility applications, and customer experience based solutions will continue to evolve. In the future, communication-enabled applications that solve real business problems will become more prevalent. Having strategic technology partners and platforms to deliver these solutions will become even more critical. Applications are a big part of business services, they can help run and manage areas that are in constant need of updates and changes. Creating applications can be difficult if businesses aren’t sure how to go about it section by section, this is where companies such as can be of help, those interested can see more about what they do and how they can assist in a dynamic and productive way.


Question #5 – What is the value of being a DevConnect Technology Partner?

Our DevConnect partnership allows us to share our thought leadership with a broad range of audiences, highlight our products and services, and gain valuable industry insight from our peers. Our customers and prospective customers find comfort in knowing that we are an active member of the DevConnect Community.


Question #6 – What is the most important thing you’d like our Facebook community to know about your company?

Our main differentiator is that we design and deploy solutions that seamlessly integrate with an organization’s existing infrastructure. Our professional services team works closely with our customers and recommends ways to adapt and configure our core technology platforms to their current environment, rather than imposing changes to systems and business processes currently in place. Throughout the process we share best practices from our years of experience deploying automation and self-service solutions. Often times, our involvement leads to even greater enterprise ROI.


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Rob Hankin, Partner, Starfish Associates