IAUG Insights: Automating Management of Telecom Resources

IAUG Insights Starfish Automating Telecom

Bridgewater, NJ – Spring, 2011 – By integrating IT and telephony infrastructure, enterprises can streamline their business process to auto-manage telecom systems. While shrink wrap management applications provide specific functionality for system administration and performance measurement, often many of those functions are only part of a larger process. For example, move, add and change transactions of telephony resources are typically an integral part of a related user transaction that starts with a change in an HR database that reflects a change in an employee status (new hire, termination, location move, promotion). That event triggers several related transactions, which in a well structured IT environment are typically already automated. For the most part, telephony is still an administration “island” within the IT infrastructure, which is bridged by work orders and a hand-off to a telecom administrator who follows-up using different administration applications to complete transaction.

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