If You Can See It, You Can Improve It

By Michael Stahl, Vice President of Sales
Starfish Associates

Many people are familiar with the famous quote by management consultant, educator, and author, Peter Drucker: “What gets measured gets managed.” In sales and operations this simple truth has been the catalyst for the growth and success many of the most familiar name brands.


In unified communications, platforms such as Salesforce and ServiceNow are growing at record pace as their customers enjoy the reporting capabilities these platforms offer that enable managers to forecast more effectively and tweak their operations with surgical precision.

In the telecom space, communication systems in all organizations are configured and licensed to accommodate specific business needs. Visibility of the vital signs of communications systems enables proactive management in order to identify and resolve problems before they become service impacting. Additionally, monitoring and auditing the usage of telephony resources enables managers to have better visibility into how assets are being used in the organization.


Executives and telecom managers who want better visibility for business planning should consider tools and solutions that offer real-time monitoring and optimization of telephony resources to improve business operations. Most executives and telecom managers may decide to incorporate the use of this resource management software to help keep on top of their business management, ensuring they can stay on top of their daily operations as efficiently as possible.

Key features of these solutions would include:



  • Maintain an inventory of telephony resources and tracks their actual usage and licenses.
  • Monitor, audits and logs communication system configuration changes.
  • Send alerts to administrators (based on definable parameters) when changes are made to mission critical telephony resources.
  • Generate usage reports on demand or on a scheduled basis for phones, contact center agent IDs and voice mailboxes.
  • Consolidate and generates custom reports across multi-vendor systems.


  • Display dashboards showing telephony resource usage.
  • Identify idle telephony resources (based on a definable period of time).
  • Generate idle resource reports and sends alerts to specific emails addresses.
  • Automatically reclaim idle telephony resources and makes them available for re-use.
  • Enable bulk provisioning for the creation of phones, contact center IDs and voice mailboxes with pre-defined templates and ranges.
  • Enable bulk de-provisioning for intelligent removal of phones, contact center login and voice mailboxes.


“What Gets Measured Gets Improved”

No question that “what gets measured gets improved,” as Peter Drucker also said. At Starfish, our mission is help our customers achieve the most streamlined and optimized telecom operations possible for their investment. Measuring and managing the licenses and telephony resources associated with telecom infrastructure is key to ensuring the best ROI for an organization. With the pace of digital transformation occurring right now, large enterprises need real-time visibility and control in their communications environments to be competitive.


About Starfish Associates

Starfish is a leading software company providing communication management solutions for unified communication and contact center platforms. Our technology enables large enterprises to transform inefficient business processes into automated workflows. This transformation results in a more agile business with the capability to respond faster and more accurately to dynamic conditions.

Powered by our technology platform, Starfish provides enterprises with solutions for automation, self service, and monitoring of communication platforms including Cisco, Microsoft, Genesys, Avaya and more. Our solutions are also tightly integrated with IT applications including ServiceNow and leading Identity Managers.

Starfish automates millions of transactions annually for some of the largest Fortune 500 and global enterprises to help them streamline and automate communication management workflows.

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