Starfish Associates Announces Self-Service Manager

Boston, MA – May 21, 2012 – Starfish, a leading provider of telecom management and self service solutions, today at IAUG Annual Conference 2012, announced the general availability of Starfish Self-Service Manager. This solution is designed to decentralize the day to day administrative requests that can and should be easily performed by the user community. Requests for changes are achieved and made accessible via a web tool that allows an end user to take command of the resources they require.

“We recognize that IT and telecom managers and administrators are having to manage more complex technology tools in today’s communications environment” said Rob Hankin, Partner and Co-founder of Starfish Associates, “so it is important that administrative tasks that can be off-loaded are delegated to the end users, reducing the administration burden of telephony operations.”

Starfish Self-Service Manager is a simple and intuitive web based solution that enables end users to perform authorized telephony configuration changes that otherwise would have to be managed by administrators. Reset phone passwords, modify phone settings, reset voicemail passwords and other service requests that are configured and customized by telecom administrators. Using Self-Service Manager frees up administrators and help desk staff creating more time for sensitive and critical communications projects while enhancing the performance and service to end users.

About Starfish Associates, LLC 

Starfish is a leading provider of telecom management automation and self service solutions. Our technology enables organizations to automate and streamline telecom management by integrating with business processes and existing IT infrastructure. Using our innovative solutions enables our customers to reduce administration costs, improve operational efficiencies and provide employee self service tools enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction. Starfish solutions are deployed globally at midsize to large enterprises including many Fortune 1000 companies. Starfish is headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey. For more information call 908-243-2900 or visit