Phone Number Manager

Manage phone numbers quickly and easily across multi-vendor systems including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more.

The Starfish Automation Platform
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Centrally manage all phone numbers in a single, authoritative data store.

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Gain visibility into phone number allocations across systems.

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Save time and increase efficiency.

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The Phone Number Manager portal enables users to view numbers, ranges, track availability and manage reservations.  The information can also be exported to other applications.

Phone Number Manager Extensions

Key Features


Visibility to Available Phone Numbers

Administrators get a clear view to all phone numbers, which systems they are allocated to and their availability.

Phone Number Reservations

Phone number availability can be managed by reserving ranges for periods of time, as well as actual data retrieved from multi-vendor communication platforms.

Organize Phone Numbers

Create custom number ranges based on information such as locations, department and more.

Manage Toll-Free Numbers

Ability to import toll-free number data and maintaining mapping of toll-free numbers to DNIS.

Format Phone Numbers

Format phone numbers between E.164, 10-digit phone numbers, extensions and more.

Age Numbers

Age unassigned numbers to keep them reserved for later use.

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