Starfish Directory Manager

Create, configure, and maintain a searchable directory of real-time user information

Consolidate information about users and their communication resources from multi-vendor platforms.

Synchronize information between communication platforms and IT applications.

Maintain an authoritative, real-time data store with information about users from sources of truth.

Extend the data to business applications that rely on authoritative directory information.

Starfish Automation Platform

Directory portals enable end users to search and view reliable and current up-to-date enterprise directory data of UC and contact center user information. Ensure you have an accurate record of names, phone numbers, email addresses, employee IDs, building & location information, division/cost center information, and more.

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Key Features

Workflow and Synchronization Engine

Maintains a reliable real-time LDAP data store with up-to-date information about users and their communication resources from multi-vendor communication platforms.

Batch & Real-time Synchronization

Synchronizes directory information in real-time or batch from multiple sources including IT applications and multi-vendor communication platforms.

Directory Portals

An intuitive directory portal enables users to search and view enterprise directory information. The portal is highly configurable and can provide access to select information within the data store.

Accurate Mapping of Users

Provides an accurate mapping of user information by collecting critical data elements about users in the enterprise.

Source of Truth

An authoritative source of user information such as name, phone number, email address, employee ID, building & location, cost center and more.

Consistent Directory Information

Automated processes keep data consistent, accurate and up-to-date. Errors and re-work caused by manual inputting of information are eliminated.

Communication Systems Connectors

Connectors to multi-vendor communication platforms enables access to directory and communication resource information.

IT Application Connectors

IT connectors to business applications enables synchronization of directory information.

Extend Data to IT Applications

Enable applications such as Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker, Nuance SpeechAttendant and various call accounting solutions that require accurate, up-to-date directory information.

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