Starfish Management as a Service (MaaS) for Enterprise

Automate communication management for multi-vendor UC and contact center platforms in cloud, and hybrid, and on-premises environments

Unified communications and contact center management is becoming more complex, and enterprises increasingly rely on multi-vendor systems. There’s also a growing need for hybrid and cloud-based communications solutions that will help businesses gain agility, scale their operations, and control costs.

That’s why we developed Starfish Management as a Service (MaaS). MaaS is an enterprise solution for streamlining, automating and optimizing communication management workflows. It provides a platform for much faster, more consistent and secure ways to administer UC and CC resources:

  • Automate on-boarding and offboarding
  • Complete routine tasks such as MACD’s in seconds
  • Eliminate human error and enhance consistency and security
Resource Management
  • Maintain a real-time inventory of users and their related resources
  • Gain visibility into license management and station aging
  • Optimize user resources and reduce costs
  • Monitor configurations and audit compliance
  • Reduce help desk ticket volume
  • Enhance all workers’ productivity

Starfish Management as a Service (MaaS) can easily be integrated with Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Microsoft, Zoom, Verint and other communications systems. It is also fully integrated with ServiceNow, HR applications, and Identity Managers to facilitate end-to-end automation of existing communication management processes.

MaaS includes customer portals for end users and delegated administrators as well as a rich set of web service APIs for enterprise developers. It’s available by subscription.


Solution Benefits

Enterprises, system integrators and managed service providers can achieve significant benefits by automating communication management operations with Starfish Management as a Service.

  • Supports on premise, cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Flexible subscription or consumption-based models available.

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Key Features

Proven Technology

Day 2 integration synchronizes communications systems data with existing business processes and leading business applications.

Cloud-Based Service

Cloud-based service ensures high availability through a fully geographic redundant architecture.


Communication resources are created and managed in a consistent and standard manner.

On-boarding & Off-boarding

Automate, configure and remove communication resources such as phones, voicemail, agent logins and call recording accounts for multi-vendor communication platforms.

Bulk Provisioning & De-provisioning

Perform bulk changes for unified communication and contact center platforms.

Provisioning Portals

Customizable provisioning portals for end users and delegated administrators simplifies complex tasks, reduces service tickets and workload for administrators and helpdesk staff.

Number & Extension Management

Manage inventory of available, used and reserved numbers plus extensions.

Authoritative Phone Directory

Consolidated directory information from multi-vendor communication platforms that is updated in near real-time.

Configuration & Inventory Database

Maintain a searchable and reportable configuration and inventory database with consolidated data from multi-vendor communication platforms.

Communication Systems Connectors

Connectors to multi-vendor communication platforms enables automated configuration management.

Integrations / IT Application Connectors

IT connectors to business applications trigger workflows to auto-provision UC user resources and contact center agents.

Web Services

Rich set of web service APIs for enterprise developers.

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