Starfish Migration Solution

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Quickly, easily, and accurately migrate UC and contact center resources from legacy systems to new communication platforms.
Now for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, too!

Starfish Migration Solution streamlines the process of migrating communication resources between platforms. The Starfish workflow autamation engine makes it easy to extract resources from one or more source systems and quickly and accurately configure them on the destination system(s).

Take the headache out of your migration project by replacing time-consuming, error-prone processes with with automated workflows that get your users up and running in less time and with less disruption to your business. As a result, automation can reduce the overall cost of migrating to the new system.

The solution Migration Portal makes it easy for administrators to select source and destination systems as well as desired workflows and options.  The solution accurately builds new communication resources on the target, in seconds. Then it disables and de-provisions the necessary resources on the source systems.

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Key Features

Multi-Vendor Communication Platforms

Connectors are available for leading UC and contact center platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Genesys.

Source to Destination Data Mapping

Data retrieved from source platforms can be mapped, processed and modified before re-building on the destination systems.

Parallel Processing

Task groups within workflows can be designated for parallel processing in the event there are no dependencies such as building resources simultaneously on multiple platforms.

Configurable Workflows

Ability to select and configure migration workflows for source and destination systems along with segmenting the process according to business rules.

Control Criticality of Tasks within Workflows

Tasks within workflows can be designated as critical or not critical. Based on the designation, an error condition can either stop the process or report and continue execution of the workflows.

Extensive Auditing and Logging

Execution results of every task in all workflows are logged and maintained. The results can be displayed in the migration portal as a summary view (workflow level) and as a detailed view (task level).

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