Starfish Provisioning Portal

Automate provisioning of unified communications and contact center resources, and gain efficiency and consistency, even on today’s multi-vendor communication platforms

Starfish technology allows you to streamline and automate communication management workflows (moves, add, changes and deletes) by integrating with business applications such as Microsoft Active Directory, Identity Managers, IT Service Management systems such as ServiceNow and HR systems such as Workday.

How does it work? Your applications trigger transactions to an intelligent rules-based workflow engine, and that engine automatically provisions communication resources for UC users and contact center agents.

Provisioning portals simplify day-to-day complex provisioning tasks by enabling specific users or delegated administrators to provision and manage multi-vendor communication platforms.

Enterprises can achieve significant benefits of automated provisioning by tightly integrating with ServiceNow.

Starfish Provisioning Solution for ServiceNow automatically fulfills service requests, tasks and incidents to automate the management of communication resources on multi-vendor communication platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Genesys.

For more information about Starfish Provisioning for ServiceNow click here.

For Genesys, Starfish Provisioning Solution automates moves, adds, changes, deletes (MACDs) for contact center agents. By integrating with IT applications, agent logins and associated resources are automatically provisioned and managed for Genesys Engage. For more detailed information about our Provisioning Solution for Genesys, click here to visit the Genesys AppFoundry.

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Key Features

On-boarding & Off-boarding

Automate, configure and remove communication resources such as phones, voicemail, agent logins and call recording accounts for multi-vendor communication platforms.

Bulk Provisioning & De-provisioning

Perform bulk changes for unified communication and contact center platforms.

Provisioning Portals

Customizable provisioning portals for end users and delegated administrators simplifies complex tasks, reduces service tickets and workload for administrators and helpdesk staff.

Intelligent Rules-based Workflow Engine

Receives notifications from IT business applications to trigger MACD workflows transactions.

Synchronization Engine

Synchronize authoritative phone & communication resource data between IT applications.

Roles-based Access Control

Flexible controls over who can perform specific actions and what they can manage.

Number & Extension Management

Manage inventory of available, used and reserved numbers plus extensions.

Authoritative Phone Directory

Consolidated directory information from multi-vendor communication platforms that is updated in near real-time.

Configuration & Inventory Database

Maintain a searchable and reportable configuration and inventory database with consolidated data from multi-vendor communication platforms.

Communication Systems Connectors

Connectors to multi-vendor communication platforms enables automated configuration management.

Integrations / IT Application Connectors

IT connectors to business applications trigger workflows to auto-provision UC user resources and contact center agents.

Web Services

Standardized services to multi-vendor communication platforms enables customer applications to trigger MACD workflow transactions.


Communication resources are created and managed in a consistent and standard manner.


Enforce compliance for communication
passwords, call recording and access
controls to communication resources.

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