Starfish Resource Manager

Make Better Decisions with 360° Visibility

into Avaya Communication Systems

Starfish Resource Manager enables administrators to monitor and audit inventory, resource usage, and configurations for Avaya communication platforms. By providing unparalleled insight into multi-vendor systems, Resource Manager helps enterprises optimize their UC and contact center operationsand stop problems before they start.

Resource Manager can be configured to include one or more of these powerful modules:

  • Dashboard Views of Vital Communication System Measurements
  • License Capacity
  • Inventory/Asset Management
  • UC and Contact Center Resource Usage, Tracking and Reporting
  • Configuration Change Auditing
  • Configuration Drift Management

Starfish Resource Manager provides 360 degrees of visibility into inventory, resource use, and configurations across multiple systems, providing adminsitrators with:

  • Real-time dashboard displays with vital measurements of systems
  • Drill-down capabilities to specific and historic system data
  • An authoritative view of asset inventory, licenses, and actual rsource usage
  • Auditing and tracking of configuration changes over time

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Key Features

Real-time Dashboard Views

Displays vital communication system measurements with drill down capabilities to detailed resource usage information, including real-time and historical data.

License Tracking

License capacity and current usage tracking including alert generation based on configurable thresholds.

Auditing Configuration Change

Detail auditing, logging and tracking of configuration changes including compare and restore capabilities.

Inventory & Asset Management

Extensive inventory database to track UC and contact center resources. Information is retrieved through connectors to multiple systems and maintained in a central data repository.

Associate Users with Resources

Communication assets are associated with users to clearly map users with all their communication resources across multiple systems.

CMDB Integration

Inventory data can be integrated to leading CMDBs such as ServiceNow.

Alerts and Alarms

Notifications are generated to notify administrators upon on events such as configuration changes, license capacities and real-time communication systems measurements.

Usage Reporting

Extensive UC and contact center resource usage and aging reports. Reports can be scheduled or generated on-demand.

Resource Optimization

Identifies idle resources that can be reclaimed and reused. Configurable time period thresholds are used to identify idle resources.

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