Starfish Self Service Manager

Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs

with Self-Service Portals

Starfish Self Service Manager enables communication administrators to securely delegate selected feature management to users and helpdesk staff.  Delegated features typically include configuring phone buttons, resetting passwords for phones and voice mailboxes, changing phone displays and more.

Administrators also have control over which features users will be allowed to configure along with the content they will be able to enter or choose.

Self Service Manager portal is integrated with Active Directory for authentication and authorization.  Users are only authorized to manage communication resources that are associated with their accounts.

Helpdesk staff and delegated administrators can be authorized to perform on behalf of other user’s self-service functions by selecting specific users and then controlling their associated resources.

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Key Features

Multi-Vendor Communication Platforms

Connectors are available for leading UC and contact center platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, and XMedius/AVST.

Configurable Functionality

Administrators can control which features and capabilities will be exposed to users as well as a list of possible values they can assign to the various features.

Extensive Auditing and Logging

All transactions are logged and made available to administrators.


Based on users’ roles in an enterprise, different self-service portals can be made available to enable users to perform specific tasks.

Active Directory Integration

User access to the self-service portals are controlled by Active Directory authentication. Helpdesk access to the self-service portals are controlled by membership in Active Directory security groups.


Once authenticated, users are authorized to only have access to specific features and functionality associated with their communication resources.

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