Provisioning Solution for Amazon Connect

Auto-provision contact center resources for multi-vendor communication platforms

The Starfish Automation Platform
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Make it faster and easier to manage multi-vendor unified communications and contact center systems.

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Accurately and consistently on-board and off-board users and agents. Optional integrations include ServiceNow, Workday, PeopleSoft, and other leading business applications.

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Execute routine tasks (moves, adds, changes, and deletes) and make bulk changes from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Starfish Provisioning Solution for Amazon Connect automates communication management workflows by integrating with different IT business applications including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, ServiceNow and Workday. Business applications can trigger transactions comprised
of multiple tasks to an intelligent rules-based workflow engine that auto-provisions or de-provisions communication resources for contact center agents.

Starfish Provisioning Solution for Amazon Connect simplifies even the most complex day-to-day provisioning tasks. By enabling specific users or delegated administrators to provision and manage the environment of Amazon Connect, Starfish automation is more efficient and helps save enterprises time and resources while also reducing service order backlogs.

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Provisioning Portals

Starfish Provisioning Manager simplifies day-to-day complex provisioning tasks by enabling specific users or delegated administrators to provision and manage multiple instances of Amazon Connect.

Starfish Connectors for Amazon Connect 

Microsoft Azure AD Connector – By leveraging Azure AD to automate provisioning of communication resources when users are added or modified in Azure AD, communication resources such as agents, queues etc. are provisioned and configured based on user attributes such as role, department and location. When users are disabled or deleted from Azure AD, all related communication resources are automatically de-provisioned, thereby addressing security concerns and facilitating efficient re-use of resources.

ServiceNow Connector – End users or admins can submit tickets from ServiceNow directly to the Starfish workflow engine for execution. Based on the customer’s specific requirements, tickets can be automatically processed, updated, and closed in a matter of seconds.

Workday Connector – Starfish utilizes Workday for automatic processing of communication requests. Phone numbers can be synchronized in user records when changes are made to the communication system. Updates are made in real-time making Workday an authoritative source of user-to-phone number mapping. Workday can then propagate this data to other applications in the enterprise.

The Starfish Automation Platform

Key Features


Substantially reduces administrative overhead and total cost of ownership by automating lifecycle management of contact center agents.

Consistently and efficiently executes tasks and work orders eliminating the need for re-work caused by human error.

Eliminates security concerns by automatically disabling agent communication resources when users leave the organization.

Facilitates efficient re-use of communication resources by automatically de-provsioning agent communication resources when agents leave the organization.

Provides a comprehensive number management system replacing cumbersome manual processes.

Automate agent skills in real time. Execute multiple re-skilling tasks in bulk on a scheduled basis.

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