Provisioning Manager for Microsoft Teams

Automate provisioning and simplify the management of users on Microsoft Teams.

Starfish Provisioning Manager for Teams
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Automate the management and migration of users to Teams in a multi-vendor environment.

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Accurately and consistently on-board and off-board Teams users.

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Manage the Teams environment along with any existing communications systems portals.

Provisioning Manager for Teams Bulk Provisioning

Automate on-boarding and off-boarding of Teams users

Provisioning portals simplify even the most complex day-to-day provisioning tasks by enabling specific users to manage multi-vendor communication platforms and the on-boarding and off-boarding of users on Teams.

In addition to time and cost savings, enterprises enhance employee experiences by reducing service ticket backlogs.

Phone Number Management

Phone numbers usage and availability is presented in a consolidated view from all connected systems including extensions and DIDs.

SPM For Teams Number Manager
The Starfish Automation Platform

Key Features


Provisioning Collaboration Users

Simple to use UI for on-boarding and off-boarding collaboration systems users. All necessary resources for users are automatically provisioned based on configurable templates.

Provision and De-provision Locations

On-board and off-board automatically, by location.

Phone Number Management

A consolidated display of phone numbers from all connected systems includes extensions, DIDs and their availability.

Transaction Logs

All transactions are tracked and logged. The UI allows searching and generating reports.

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