Automate Communication Management Workflows

Most large enterprises are looking for ways to manage increasingly complex business communication environments by automating their communication management workflows. Through automation, enterprises can be more agile and efficiently streamline their business operations.

Starfish is a leading software company providing on-premise and cloud-based communication management solutions for unified communication and contact center platforms. Our technology enables large enterprises to transform inefficient business processes into automated workflows. This transformation results in a more agile business with the capability to respond faster and more accurately to dynamic conditions.

Powered by our technology platform, Starfish provides enterprises with solutions for automation, self service, and monitoring of communication platforms including Cisco, Microsoft, Genesys, Avaya and more. Our solutions are also tightly integrated with IT applications including ServiceNow and leading Identity Managers.

Starfish automates millions of transactions annually for some of the largest Fortune 500 and global enterprises to help them streamline and automate communication management workflows.

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