Starfish is a leading provider of telecom software solutions that enable enterprises to streamline and optimize telecom business processes. Starfish offers solutions for automation, self service, and monitoring & optimization. Our solution portfolio supports multi-vendor unified communication and contact center platforms including Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft. Starfish solutions are also tightly integrated with ServiceNow to automate telecom management workflows.

Starfish solutions are deployed globally in large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to help customers improve operational efficiencies, enhance employee productivity and reduce operating expenses.

The Starfish solution portfolio includes:

Automation Solutions


  • Directory Solution: Consolidate and synchronize directories and databases in real-time from multiple sources including telecom, HR and IT applications.
  • Provisioning Solution: Auto-provision phones, voice mailboxes and contact center agents by integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, HR systems and Identity Management Systems.


Self Service Solutions


  • Self Service Manager: Self service portal for end users to perform password resets, change phone settings and request telecom services.
  • Password Solution: Reset phone and voicemail passwords for end users and help desk staff.  Synchronize voicemail passwords with IP phone security codes.


Monitoring & Optimization Solutions


  • Resource Manager: Monitor the usage of telecom resources. Optimize resource usage in a contact center by identifying and reclaiming idle agent login IDs and stations.
  • CM Dashboard: Real-time Visibility into Communication Systems Vital Signs.
  • Call Analyzer: Gain Visibility into Phone Usage Outside the Contact Center.


Solutions for ServiceNow


  • Click-to-Communicate for ServiceNow: CTI enablement for ServiceNow supporting multi-vendor telecom platforms. Click-to-Communicate from ServiceNow screen pops, forms and call logs.