Telephony Workflow

CTI iconStarfish Telephony Workflow – enables seamless integration of telephony operations with existing applications and business processes.





With Starfish Telephony Workflow, telephony CTI operations (call, answer, conference, transfer, etc.) become readily available in many desktop applications for users and contact center agents across multiple communication systems.

Telephony Workflow is powered by a multi-vendor Click-to-Communication (C2C) server that implements telephony along with integration modules to desktop applications and business processes.


c2c server



Starfish C2C server provides seamless integration between multi-vendor telephony platforms and delivers a uniform interface for communication, as well as out-of-box integration with many desktop applications.

Starfish Telephony Workflow Solutions include:


  • Click-to-Communicate for ServiceNowCTI integration with ServiceNow for multi-vendor telecom platforms. Click-to-Communicate from screen pops, forms and call logs.
  • Click-to-Communicate for Microsoft Office – CTI integration with Microsoft Office for multi-vendor telecom platforms. Click-to-Communicate using phone numbers in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Click-to-Communicate for Agent Workflow – Custom workflow logic for contact center agents leveraging Click-to-Communicate platform.


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